Huawei B818-263 UK 4G Router

Huawei B818-263 is the new high speed CAT19 4G Router from Huawei.  The B818 has an embedded CAT19 4G Modem making it the fastest 4G router in it’s class.  This means that you can get the best 4G speed possible (dependant upon your 4G network provider, distance to basestation, network capacity etc) and deliver this high speed 4G Mobile Broadband Internet connection to your devices on the LAN.  The Huawei B818-263 has 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Ports and 802.11AC high speed WiFi so you can create a wired or wireless Local Area Network for multiple devices to comunicate with each other and share the 4G SIM connection.


Buy the Huawei B818-263 4G router and take advantage of the fastest 4G connection speeds provided by the embedded CAT19 4G Modem.  The Huawei B818 4G Router is the latest high speed home and office 4G router in the Huawei CPE range and can deliver high speed 4G mobile Broadband Internet for your home, home office or small business and provides high speed Gigabit EThernet for wired LAN connections and also high speed 802.11AC WiFi for a wireless LAN for mutiple wireless connections from laptops, tablets and phones so they can all share the high speed 4G Internet.

Simply insert a 4G SIM card into the B818-263 router and get a quick connection to the 4G network and connect your computers, laptops, tablets and phones to share this high speed 4G internet.  There are some providers that offer special SIM cards for homeworkers that offer unlimited 4G internet as well as Fixed IP SIM cards if your 4G connection needs a public IP address.


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